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January 15, 2016
by Ross Thomas

“THINKING” The Greatest Cause Ever!

I suddenly am reminded of a song!  The main thoughts are”Be careful little ears what you hear , be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little mouth what you say, be careful little feet where you go, be careful little hands what you do, there’s a father up above and he’s looking down in love so be careful what you allow in! True Love has no favorites. It rewards and corrects always in Love for our benefit. I talked about that in my last post. So my take on this weeks lesson starts with,”what ever enters my mind through the senses or the objective mind, especially on a regular basis, will produce a mental image ,which will produce a pattern,and my amazing creative minds start creating!! Reminded again, that what I think about grows and what I forget about atrophies without exception. These Images come from environment,other people, chance, past thinking, media, in large volumes and precisely targeted at times. It can get hard to filter!  Now that I am paying much more attention to this sort of thing, I can receive the message of that cute little song in a much more serious way. Hey everyone, myself included wants more harmony more happiness more joy and the like, Yes? And yes on wealth too, but  not as an end but as a means to an end. Like I gotta have the wealth because I have a high purposeful ideal with true value that I am willing to strive for! So , how do I do this?  How about instead of using all of this input I have so readily available to me from the outside, I use my own beautiful perfect imagined thought images just exactly the way I want them, regardless of  any exterior conditions or environment, and even regardless the thoughts of others,and where is the money gonna come from. It is by exercising this power,that we all have, that I can control my own destiny, body, mind, and spirit. I have discovered that EVERY great  and successful businessman,many of which started with much less than I have, created in their  minds an idea or ideal then visualized it over and over till it was so clear in there mind they could not only see it but hear, smell, feel, or taste it. We all have this ability to see a thing in it’s completeness if we  would but exercise and concentrate our thoughts.I have done it plenty of times in remodeling homes   A friend introduced me to this  information and helped me understand in simple progressive steps how to start making progress again, and I have.It feels great! I’m Thinking!Not the same old thoughts! Thinking,imagine it being like a plastic material that we build images of what we want our life to be like that we can just modify at will instantly when we think or discover an improvement to the ideal. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and countless other great business men  sat and thought about what they wanted allot and in a with some specific ingredients! The thought or Ideal has to be something you really really want to make happen, something that first is truly worthy and will benefit all involved. then it needs to be a dominant thought that you can thinking deeply about, that evokes emotion,feelings of courage,strength,vigor, determination. If the thought is constructive it will possess vitality, it will have life , it will grow, develop,expand and attract to itself everything necessary for its complete development. If the thought is destructive it will die and bring discord,sickness and disease. My ability to recognize this gives me a choice! I quickly figured out not to be thinking about what I don’t want  So if I want  different surroundings,or conditions, I visualize it with detail ,hold it in my mind until it is real,with no thought of persons places or things, the environment I desire will have everything necessary . I am to believe the right persons places and things will come right on time as I keep the character of my thoughts high. I do believe! My ability to attain and achieve  is improving as I keep improving the quality of my thoughts and my conditions naturally improve. I am finding the more I practice and apply this stuff the more I understand it,believe it, and apply it again! Hey I am building new habits! As I study the material in this Master Key Mastermind Alliance and DO the exercises, I am having more and more fun and loving sharing it like this! please forgive me for being so long winded! But if you want more you can read others blogs by clicking on the names on my sidebar menu, their stuff is awesome! They inspire me! Peace out!

January 9, 2016
by Ross Thomas

Take advantage of natural Law!Wk 15

Here is whats on my mind this week about what i am learning. Ever heard the saying ” it’s not what happens to you that matters. It’s what you do with what happens to you that matters most” I am beginning to become more and more  aware all around me , there are natural laws at work that operate at an absolute constant ALL THE TIME. Weather we know about them or not! They do not change!  These laws work in direct connection with how our minds work and the thoughts we think about. I have decided it is ABSOLUTELY VITAL  for ME to become very familiar with, LIKE INTIMATE WITH, these natural laws and how they operate. These laws are in place for every living thing to use for it’s advantage!  Even the lowest forms of life are enabled to take advantage of natural law. They instinctively know exactly what to do, and they do it without fail, and thrive! We on the other hand have a choice. We  are the only creatures that have a choice. We have to THINK about things!  Some things are pretty basic and we learn fast and right. But most of us are not taught anything about  how our minds work, and how thinking processes work, or about natural laws and there correlation to our thinking. Or that our greatest  happiness and success in life (which is what everyone wants) is attained only when we properly USE the equipment we’ve  been endowed with in cooperation and harmony with natural laws. We most certainly  CANNOT CHANGE THE WAY THEY OPERATE! They operate the same with or with out our knowledge of them. All of us have LEARNED HABITS/ways of being, and things in our life, some great. Some we really want to disappear. One key law we focused on this week is the law of growth which says, growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better. as we give away or let go of the good that makes it possible for us to receive the better.  We cannot cling to the one that we have and expect to obtain that which we lack. When stuff comes our way it is always for our benefit to teach us something, to give us what we require for our growth. Our ability to to extract or learn from it determines our degree of harmony or happiness we attain. Then we gain the ability to receive higher visions and know better what we need to do.Having the attitude that nothing comes to us except to help us grow and gain wisdom helps us learn better. So when difficulties come examine it carefully absorb it’s wisdom and realize more effort is required. Make the adjustment and overcome! THEN SAY WITH ENTHUSIASM AND CONVICTION AND LOVE, OUT LOUD “I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE” Our words only posses vitality when impregnated with love and clear vision of a worthy goal. Everything that is ever created starts as a thought. when you put vitality in the thought,love and emotion your subconscious will go to work to make it so. thats all I have for today but if you want more go to the side bar of my blog and read some blogs of others talking about their experience. Peace out!

January 6, 2016
by Ross Thomas

Supernatural or Super Natural My Take on Week 12 of the Master Key System

I Watched a great movie the other night that inspired me ! October Sky the setting  is 1957 in a small coal mining town with a simpler way of life, living and thinking most of us have ever experienced. It was the year I was born. Some of the older people in the movie who were set in there ways had some difficulty with change and acceptance of new ideas, and just figured this is what I know and you kid just need to do things my way In similar ways, going on back further in time, much had already changed in the way of our knowledge of everything. And just pondering for a moment now that i am older it’s just mind boggling to me how much has changed since I was born, or even a much shorter time, like since cell phones and the internet. For the young Today in this hyper fast rate of new information and discovery I speculate their capacity to accept and grasp change is much greater than those of past generations, being born into this information age,YES?  Certainly for me until lately my mind and thought processes had been on auto pilot pretty much just doing what i was familiar with, and a little intimidated with some of the the new and different, unfamiliar! Not that I wasn’t grateful for all the good that has been in my life but frustrated at myself for having conditions in my life that i new i did not want there and not knowing how to make them go away.  I was trying the best I new how, to make things better and get ahead with results feeling like one step forward and two steps back.  So it was in this movie October Sky. A bunch of people stuck in a certain way of living and thinking, oblivious and even resistant to something different and even resigned to what some refer to as the cards they were dealt, with no hope of a different outcome. Any one with me so far? Now for the rest of the story! Anyone remember who said that? In the movie there is a seemingly ordinary boy in this town  who somehow receives a spark of hope of a different outcome by looking up to the heavens one night, as was the whole town. The Russians had just launched the first satellite into orbit around the earth and it was visible to the naked eye for just a few moments. This new bit of information placed into this young mans mind, turned into his and many others ticket out of the life they new into a vastly greater outcome. Why? That was a question I asked frequently as a child that I LEARNED not to ask certain people. Whom since I have TOTALLY ,forgiven  ,love, and am most grateful for. Just a hint Ya’ll. Now I am in the midst of an accelerated new awakening within me at age 58 that I, after having a spark of hope planted in me over a year ago, and am now, 3 months  into a significantly more directed EFFORT of learning,  study, and exercise, am just now realizing  in my mind, I dare say I now possess in my mind the answer to how and why some people seem to have some sort of what many would say is divine or supernatural power that enables them to achieve so well in there lives. Just in case you don’t know, I personally believe in and on, God the father,the Son,and the holy spirit,but also believe there is a whole lot more to it all that we don’t know or understand. Based on mans gathered information, discoveries, accomplishments and understanding  of things to this point in time we have been focused mostly on physical science. mostly what we can see feel, smell, touch. But from where did EVERYTHING or CONDITON that now exists first come from? The visions from a dreamers mind!  I contend since becoming  familiar with my current course of study that, I will find that the power of my thoughts will indeed explain EVERY possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental or spiritualin my life or yours. It’s Super and it’s Natural, and I am learning everything I can. I am becoming so fascinated about how our minds work  If this is tough for you right now I understand.  Think of the fun time some of our great inventors and discoverers had trying to explain what they found out to people that didn’t know what they did. What i am saying is, ANYONE who BECOMES FAMILIAR with and PUTS INTO PRACTICE what is now  known about THE POWER OF OUR THOUGHTS  will at the very least have a much happier and more harmonious life. Im just learning this stuff and am really just finding what it is I truly want in my life and I am going to get it!. yeah I know i’m 58 and shoulda already done that, but so what! Im starting again! How often do people really live there hearts desire?I am so excited! Watch October Sky! Read some of the other blogs listed on the side bar of my blog. They are going through the same thing I am and writing about their experiences.

December 19, 2015
by Ross Thomas

MK WK 12 New brain cells!

I have learned a few things lately, about the brain and brain cells.God knows I have destroyed a few,,, Million! What an incredible marvelous mechanism though! Over the past several year now I have been experiencing first hand, thoughts of why am I not here, or there, and wondered why have I not felt I had arrived anywhere in particular I really felt on top of the world about? I tried to think, surely I had once imagined arriving somewhere really cool in years past. Not that I have felt my life as a whole was lousy, or I hadn’t accomplished anything or done good here and there, because I have. Im talking about the degree of success that some people gain because they have a cause or a purpose,that creates a driving force inside him, that causes excitement and passion from within, that energizes and moves them to be an do what many consider to be above and beyond and why does it seem to come to some so easy and not to me? I have alway believed there is an original creator and still do, and that he has all the answers and still think that too, and that they are in the BIBLE and i get allot of that but,I have  recently discovered some scientific laws that HE created, and explanations  and exercises that confer the how and why in terms that help me understand. Getting to The  brain cells.  I have learned we are made in such a way that we more or less get programed and are susceptible to information and experiences presented to us repeatedly, and they make us who we become. The brain cells we have were made by the information we become familiar with and they get linked together with emotions and experiences. Well in todays world, even way back was messed up, there is so  much coming at us from every angle designed to steer us in a certain way, how to think how to be what to do what to eat, using all the emotions to make the all mighty $$$. what I am beginning to comprehend is unless we are very familiar with how our brain and thought processes work, or have the perfect environment where we get the right input all the time, chances are we’ll have some habits  and ways of being that deep down we want to not have but do, and can’t seem to shake. After all that what i am trying to say is, people who consciously become aware and familiar with how our brains and thought processes work and the methods to make them work for us, these people, with, practice and proper thinking and application, are producing with ease any kind of lifestyle that a person could want or think of in a relatively short period of time. I  have now been a student and participant along with several hundred others in what is called ” The Master Key Experience ” for 12 weeks now and we are all blogging openly our experience as it unfolds. I can honestly say I have not been more excited in the positive progress and changes of habit going on in me ever! It has also been such an inspiration to connect with the other students and discuss and help encourage one another toward the lives and purpose for our lives that we truly desire, I have learned and received so much joy from reading there blogs. I have not ever been much of a reader until now! I am having so much fun learning and growing my brain its freaky , in a wonderful way.  I could just go on and on I promise but I’ll quit for now. everyone knows there is power in saying affirmations out loud because our sub conscious mind has no defense against our voice, that’s a whole other story, so I will leave you with the best one I have EVER heard ! Say it with emotion! I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving , Harmonious, and Happy! Read some of the other blogs I follow on my sidebar they are awesome! Ross