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February 26, 2016
by Ross Thomas

To Be or not to Be?

Feb 26, 2016

Open mind

To Be or Not to Be !

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Dear Open mind, I believe my thinking is becoming deeper and more educated. Read this and give me your comments, you tell me if I am on the right track or not. Off and on all my life  i have wrestled with the “why do I do the things I don’t want to do and don’t do what i want to do? Why  exactly is my life the way it is? I want it to be better but I am missing something here!  I am in week 21 of The Master Key Mastermind Alliance. Through this experience I have definitely been making great progress in finding the answers to those questions yet my progress is quite a bit slower than I had hoped. I know why! what have I been pretending not to know? I have been refusing to let go completely of the banana! Let me explain! The Master Key Master Mind Alliance is set up brilliantly with progressive lessons and exercises to aid us in fully comprehending  and putting into practice, in our favor, simple and harmonious principles vital to health, wellness, purpose and prosperity. As with all things the more we know and practice a thing the easier it gets, becoming even automatic and simple. In contrast, everyone knows, “ oh I can’t change, too set in my ways, no use in trying”. There’s a reason for that kind of thinking. Our minds are mechanisms that work and operate in a certain way that is definite and exact! They are Laws of the mind. Science is proving more and more how everything is connected with everything and the  understanding  of how  this all works is taking the foundation of Christianity out of the realm of superstition and trusting faith  and places it upon the firm rock of scientific understanding. It is all quit stimulating, to say the least! I never learned or heard anything like this when i was in School. I am pretty sure most people have heard by now that everything is energy, and everything is moving, even the solid looking and feeling stuff. But have you thought much if any that thought is energy? I will wind up and leave you to think about this. Your thoughts are like magnets and like attracts like. Simply put, everything you consciously hold in your mind, desirable or undesirable, for any length of time becomes impressed upon the subconscious mind and this thought energy  becomes a model or design our subconscious mind will use 24/7 even while we are thinking of other stuff or sleeping to attract what ever is imagined and make it a reality. Simply put again That is why what you think about grows and what you forget about atrophies! This is why there is stuff in our lives we don’t want and not stuff we do!  So  much of what I have been believing in faith and not understanding,  yet somehow knowing was truth, is being reconfirmed and now understood first hand through the information and exercises I am studying and participating  in. I am so happy to recommend this Master Key Experience to everyone. To be or not to be that is the question. I now have the tools knowledge and  am developing the skills and mastermind alliances to go either way at will and it feels terrific! I would be absolutely thrilled to be of any assistance to anyone with any questions. Everybody should know this stuff! Please read some of the other blogs in my sidebar menu .  MKMMA There’s nothing like it!#  Sincerely, Ross Thomas

February 20, 2016
by Ross Thomas

Wk 20 of the Master Key System

Week 20! holy cow! Sticking with something for so long for me is absolutely incredible! I am not saying I have been the perfect student or done every lesson exactly the way it shoulda been done or even done my best at everything.What I am saying  is the people and the material or substance in the Master Key system is of the utmost highest quality, and no matter how my old self pulls and tugs at me to quit or keep me from changing, the new me I am becoming and  the truth of the matter has gotten ahold of me in such a way that I now demand and must master this experience, new knowledge and plan of action not just for myself. For all my life I have had a desire to be a part of something truly great that is a key part in making peoples lives better,and this is one! This whole experience is designed to help us develop into becoming self directed confident and successful thinkers who create change that sticks and takes hold and grows for good! Always good! Helping us learn to recognize relate assimilate and apply our thinking processes for our good, in every aspect of our lives. It is for sure we are being influenced  from every direction to think feel and act 24/7 and all of us have areas of our life we would like to improve upon. I am discovering, knowing how the mind works and things we can do with and for each other to assist and help us in  virtually any desirable undertaking is of priceless value. Learning about the specifics of unchanging principles  like the law of growth  have everything to do with why our lives are the way they are and how one process links to another makes it a matter of understanding, planning and confident execution to get the results in life we want! The Producers of the master key system have put together a progressive system of learning that is so purposeful and totally connected. I believe just going through the course will create more progressive and permanent changes in me for years to come which in turn will have a positive effect on people and everything I come in contact with. I am learning about a persistence progression, with 4 tiny reinforcing habits, a happiness progression that has taught me  that happiness is not linked to success and that thinking about kindness and gratitude and reliving nice moments makes us 37% more effective and happier. I’m learning about the law of growth progression that is bringing out latent  virtues in me that are helping me become a better observer of myself and even like myself more. Also a success progression built around John Wooden’s Pyramid of success with 15 virtuous  qualities that all of us are actually living first hand as we progress through this experience. I have experienced such great emotion through this all ,some difficult  but mostly joy filled  discoveries that give me hope and confidence today and a clear,happy hope for the future. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I encourage you to read others posts in the sidebar menu on this page,they have inspired me too. Sincerely Ross Thomas


February 13, 2016
by Ross Thomas


It is true! The Power of our minds is the greatest and most vital power each of us has! I will be studying this Master Key Master Mind Alliance course of study the rest of my life! Truth! Developing our minds is everything!  If I could do anything in this life to make this world a better place for you and for me, it would be to shout so persistently long and loud,that everything each one of us has in our life, every experience we have or have ever had is not at all some haphazard adventure, but all part of a precise equation and accumulation of thoughts and  our lack of understanding of how our minds work on matter is the  cause of every unsatisfactory thing in our life. Each one of us has the ability, with the correct knowledge,and correct exercise,with practice to become GENIUSES! If thats too much for you right now think of it in comparison to where you are right now.Think of it in compared to how much has changed over the last 50 years in our inventions! Think of the wonders of the next 50! The absolute best place to discover for us all is the awesome power we each have in our mind! Collectively as well as individually . Think for even a minute, with the current and rapidly expanding information available try to realize the day is here when modes of thought and action must be adjusted! (learn all you can, it’s so exciting!) Discover and know, “Silent thought is after all, the mightiest agent in human affairs!” Channing   I am just now coming to understand for myself with great hope excitement and energy, what I and all of us are capable of with new and directed knowledge and action. I so encourage everyone who reads this to look into this master key experience of which I am participating in. Though my explaining is green now i am sure I am getting better, but please read some of the other posts from my sidebar menu on the right of this page. I hope it awakens new and greater hope in you! Peace out for now, Ross

February 5, 2016
by Ross Thomas

News Flash! We are Instrumentality!

This is all on the subject of understanding why we are the way we are and how to become better!This is what I am getting from week 18 of the Master Key System! Here Is what I found as the definition for instrumentality; A thing that serves as an instrument or means to an end. OMG! Where is he going with this you may be saying. Here I Go! Much has been learned by many, but many have no clue of natural unchanging laws constantly at work in and around us that have manifested every single condition and result or end we see in all our lives. For all our lives how ever long that may be, we as individuals have been gathering input form everywhere in our minds. We’ve seen, heard,learned, experienced, formulated, linked, felt, tasted, touched, discovered, through trial and error and more and here we are today as we are. Why? How? My mind amazing as it is really did not come with a detailed operation manuel on every thing involved in how everything works together nor did my loving parents,or theirs and on back it goes,as with all of us. Don’t get me wrong the knowledge that has been out in books like the Bible for thousands of years and the principles taught in those books are right on. How ever until the last 100 years, few have there been with the understanding, insight and depth of knowledge to even recognize natural laws at work, causing us to be the way we are, let alone the correlation and connection to our thoughts and actions   and actually collectively the thoughts and actions of us all. Just the other day I watched a documentary that would have been impossible to believe for many had we been back in the 70’s, but considering all that has developed since then, I have become so excited and thrilled to be a part of learning all about and spreading these “MIND BLOWING”discoveries to anyone who will have an open mind. The Documentary is “I AM by Tom Shadyac”, and will tell you in a most easy to understand, whats wrong with this world, we are all connected closer than you think and for most of us our ways of thinking are bass ackwards! The important take a way here is I am most encouraged for not only myself but especially anyone wanting a happier more purposeful life to open your mind to some scientific proofs. Just become aware, gain understanding through new knowledge,to give us all a new and greater hope for our nows and our futures. The kind of understanding that is happening in me is the kind that is teaching me in a systematic progression to think more deeply , to pay attention, to look at things and see things in new and better ways and is moving me into action and growth and more action and more growth,(I AM ALIVE!)and is teaching me hands on to give away that which I desire. I desire for my life to have greater Joy, meaning and purpose, to be happy and in fantastic health. So I hope some how I send some of that your way from me to you,so as my great Pop used to say “free no charge!” I so hope you are encouraged to read some of the other peoples blogs on my sidebar menu and for sure watch I Am! Peace out till next week, Ross

January 24, 2016
by Ross Thomas

Wk 17 Powerful mind Friend or foe!

IMG_6866Think of the center of this as being the beginning of just one thought in the mind of man! Last week our exercise was to think and look for kindness all around us and be kindness. It was amazing how much of what we think about we see! Every day I began seeing more and more kindness and think of this, several hundred other people thinking about kindness and noticing kindness too! The week ended up with over 7000 random acts of kindness. what an awesome concrete example of what happens when a thought is concentrated! I believe!!! I am a little past the halfway point in a six month course of study called the ” The Master Key Experience”. This week I believe I am truly finding myself among a minority of people who’s minds have been stretched in a wonderful way, and will never go back to how it was. I still have a  ways to go in gaining full understanding and mastery of what I am discovering about mind and the powers of thought, but have no doubts in my persistence until I do. The information and exercises we are doing are progressive in nature. and designed to help us think for ourselves and become successful self directed people.I’m GETTING IT more and more each week! Most people including myself are used to looking at everything from the perspective of the five senses and from these experiences our conceptions of everything originate. It is quit obvious  to me some people seem to have a natural knack for certain things, like I guess I have good natural athletic abilities, and have a natural interest and knack for building and construction. I have had long exposure and practice to it, and that explains allot of that. I hadn’t perceived much about the consequences of the long exposure and practice i have had just bumping along pretty much just going with the flow kind of on auto pilot, toward what sights and sounds, tastes and felt good. I am so glad thankful and eternally grateful it has come to my now, undivided attention that “mental forces are the finest and consequently the most powerful in existence, and for those who come to perceive the nature and transcendency of mental force, all physical power sinks to in significance” Most of us have some ease and perfection in our life, Like me,for example,for much of my life it’s been real easy to come home from a JOB that was just that, pop the top on a cold something, eat all kinds of yummy tasting junk without a thought, then watch 4 hours of mindless TV, (My dad used to tell me “son if you would learn your lessons like you learn those TV commercials you’d be a genius”) just so I would’t have to think, and be totally oblivious that there was any other better way i could possibly be! I didn’t have a clue how fun, exciting, revitalizing,motivating, and purposeful it would be to think! and how alive and energized I feel right now just telling you about my experience! I am like learning how to totally make myself new again! This time with a meaningful purpose, much bigger than me! I was a slave to living a certain way. Some are perfectly happy where they are and I salute you and am happy for you. Most people in many respects are living a life of quiet desperation with little hope of a different outcome. I am just beginning to figuring out and realize, Thanks to this master key Mastermind alliance and everyone involved, that ALL of us are dynamos. Look that up! Of itself is nothing, but when the mind works it, then it is useful, and it’s energy can be concentrated and focused. Our mind is an engine whose power is undreamed! Thought is an omni-working power! Thought is the ruler and creator of all things that are and all events that happen. It is my intent to ignite a hope, even in just one person, that you may become aware, that physical power is nothing, in comparison with the omnipotence of thought, and that your thoughts when concentrated properly, (with proper knowledge and application) on some  matter of importance, will set into operation intuitive powers, and help will come in the form of information and people which will lead to success in any matter of importance to you! It can be that the intensity of even one moments earnest concentration and intense longing to become or to attain may take you further than years of slow normal and forced effort. It has happened for many, but for some of us who have gotten somewhat mired in a life of mediocrity, a friend willing to help a friend in time of need to show us  the way is awesome and always a good thing. I was stuck ,and a friend Keith Long helped me just by introducing me to this amazing experience. Find me if you are so lead. I could be that friend! That all I got for now . If you want to read more on what others have to say about week 17 of the Master key system look on the sidebar of my blog. They always inspire me!  sincerely Ross Thomas