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Wk 20 of the Master Key System


Week 20! holy cow! Sticking with something for so long for me is absolutely incredible! I am not saying I have been the perfect student or done every lesson exactly the way it shoulda been done or even done my best at everything.What I am saying  is the people and the material or substance in the Master Key system is of the utmost highest quality, and no matter how my old self pulls and tugs at me to quit or keep me from changing, the new me I am becoming and  the truth of the matter has gotten ahold of me in such a way that I now demand and must master this experience, new knowledge and plan of action not just for myself. For all my life I have had a desire to be a part of something truly great that is a key part in making peoples lives better,and this is one! This whole experience is designed to help us develop into becoming self directed confident and successful thinkers who create change that sticks and takes hold and grows for good! Always good! Helping us learn to recognize relate assimilate and apply our thinking processes for our good, in every aspect of our lives. It is for sure we are being influenced  from every direction to think feel and act 24/7 and all of us have areas of our life we would like to improve upon. I am discovering, knowing how the mind works and things we can do with and for each other to assist and help us in  virtually any desirable undertaking is of priceless value. Learning about the specifics of unchanging principles  like the law of growth  have everything to do with why our lives are the way they are and how one process links to another makes it a matter of understanding, planning and confident execution to get the results in life we want! The Producers of the master key system have put together a progressive system of learning that is so purposeful and totally connected. I believe just going through the course will create more progressive and permanent changes in me for years to come which in turn will have a positive effect on people and everything I come in contact with. I am learning about a persistence progression, with 4 tiny reinforcing habits, a happiness progression that has taught me  that happiness is not linked to success and that thinking about kindness and gratitude and reliving nice moments makes us 37% more effective and happier. I’m learning about the law of growth progression that is bringing out latent  virtues in me that are helping me become a better observer of myself and even like myself more. Also a success progression built around John Wooden’s Pyramid of success with 15 virtuous  qualities that all of us are actually living first hand as we progress through this experience. I have experienced such great emotion through this all ,some difficult  but mostly joy filled  discoveries that give me hope and confidence today and a clear,happy hope for the future. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I encourage you to read others posts in the sidebar menu on this page,they have inspired me too. Sincerely Ross Thomas


  1. Awesome Roscoe!! Keep on going… We are now on week 21 of a new life.

  2. Well said! So happy to be classmates and if you are ever in Minnesota I would love to connect.

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