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Wk 17 Powerful mind Friend or foe!


IMG_6866Think of the center of this as being the beginning of just one thought in the mind of man! Last week our exercise was to think and look for kindness all around us and be kindness. It was amazing how much of what we think about we see! Every day I began seeing more and more kindness and think of this, several hundred other people thinking about kindness and noticing kindness too! The week ended up with over 7000 random acts of kindness. what an awesome concrete example of what happens when a thought is concentrated! I believe!!! I am a little past the halfway point in a six month course of study called the ” The Master Key Experience”. This week I believe I am truly finding myself among a minority of people who’s minds have been stretched in a wonderful way, and will never go back to how it was. I still have a  ways to go in gaining full understanding and mastery of what I am discovering about mind and the powers of thought, but have no doubts in my persistence until I do. The information and exercises we are doing are progressive in nature. and designed to help us think for ourselves and become successful self directed people.I’m GETTING IT more and more each week! Most people including myself are used to looking at everything from the perspective of the five senses and from these experiences our conceptions of everything originate. It is quit obvious  to me some people seem to have a natural knack for certain things, like I guess I have good natural athletic abilities, and have a natural interest and knack for building and construction. I have had long exposure and practice to it, and that explains allot of that. I hadn’t perceived much about the consequences of the long exposure and practice i have had just bumping along pretty much just going with the flow kind of on auto pilot, toward what sights and sounds, tastes and felt good. I am so glad thankful and eternally grateful it has come to my now, undivided attention that “mental forces are the finest and consequently the most powerful in existence, and for those who come to perceive the nature and transcendency of mental force, all physical power sinks to in significance” Most of us have some ease and perfection in our life, Like me,for example,for much of my life it’s been real easy to come home from a JOB that was just that, pop the top on a cold something, eat all kinds of yummy tasting junk without a thought, then watch 4 hours of mindless TV, (My dad used to tell me “son if you would learn your lessons like you learn those TV commercials you’d be a genius”) just so I would’t have to think, and be totally oblivious that there was any other better way i could possibly be! I didn’t have a clue how fun, exciting, revitalizing,motivating, and purposeful it would be to think! and how alive and energized I feel right now just telling you about my experience! I am like learning how to totally make myself new again! This time with a meaningful purpose, much bigger than me! I was a slave to living a certain way. Some are perfectly happy where they are and I salute you and am happy for you. Most people in many respects are living a life of quiet desperation with little hope of a different outcome. I am just beginning to figuring out and realize, Thanks to this master key Mastermind alliance and everyone involved, that ALL of us are dynamos. Look that up! Of itself is nothing, but when the mind works it, then it is useful, and it’s energy can be concentrated and focused. Our mind is an engine whose power is undreamed! Thought is an omni-working power! Thought is the ruler and creator of all things that are and all events that happen. It is my intent to ignite a hope, even in just one person, that you may become aware, that physical power is nothing, in comparison with the omnipotence of thought, and that your thoughts when concentrated properly, (with proper knowledge and application) on some  matter of importance, will set into operation intuitive powers, and help will come in the form of information and people which will lead to success in any matter of importance to you! It can be that the intensity of even one moments earnest concentration and intense longing to become or to attain may take you further than years of slow normal and forced effort. It has happened for many, but for some of us who have gotten somewhat mired in a life of mediocrity, a friend willing to help a friend in time of need to show us  the way is awesome and always a good thing. I was stuck ,and a friend Keith Long helped me just by introducing me to this amazing experience. Find me if you are so lead. I could be that friend! That all I got for now . If you want to read more on what others have to say about week 17 of the Master key system look on the sidebar of my blog. They always inspire me!  sincerely Ross Thomas


  1. Sounds like you are forging ahead into a brave new world of thought! So great, Ross. Thanks for sharing and I trust that you will be back to 100% health very soon.

  2. Awesome comments and I appreciate your depth of thoughts on the things you write about!

  3. I loved this blog and every day keeps getting better. I’m smiling ear to ear. Thank you thank you thank you.

  4. great blog. Have a wonderful week

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