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To Be or not to Be?


Feb 26, 2016

Open mind

To Be or Not to Be !

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Dear Open mind, I believe my thinking is becoming deeper and more educated. Read this and give me your comments, you tell me if I am on the right track or not. Off and on all my life  i have wrestled with the “why do I do the things I don’t want to do and don’t do what i want to do? Why  exactly is my life the way it is? I want it to be better but I am missing something here!  I am in week 21 of The Master Key Mastermind Alliance. Through this experience I have definitely been making great progress in finding the answers to those questions yet my progress is quite a bit slower than I had hoped. I know why! what have I been pretending not to know? I have been refusing to let go completely of the banana! Let me explain! The Master Key Master Mind Alliance is set up brilliantly with progressive lessons and exercises to aid us in fully comprehending  and putting into practice, in our favor, simple and harmonious principles vital to health, wellness, purpose and prosperity. As with all things the more we know and practice a thing the easier it gets, becoming even automatic and simple. In contrast, everyone knows, “ oh I can’t change, too set in my ways, no use in trying”. There’s a reason for that kind of thinking. Our minds are mechanisms that work and operate in a certain way that is definite and exact! They are Laws of the mind. Science is proving more and more how everything is connected with everything and the  understanding  of how  this all works is taking the foundation of Christianity out of the realm of superstition and trusting faith  and places it upon the firm rock of scientific understanding. It is all quit stimulating, to say the least! I never learned or heard anything like this when i was in School. I am pretty sure most people have heard by now that everything is energy, and everything is moving, even the solid looking and feeling stuff. But have you thought much if any that thought is energy? I will wind up and leave you to think about this. Your thoughts are like magnets and like attracts like. Simply put, everything you consciously hold in your mind, desirable or undesirable, for any length of time becomes impressed upon the subconscious mind and this thought energy  becomes a model or design our subconscious mind will use 24/7 even while we are thinking of other stuff or sleeping to attract what ever is imagined and make it a reality. Simply put again That is why what you think about grows and what you forget about atrophies! This is why there is stuff in our lives we don’t want and not stuff we do!  So  much of what I have been believing in faith and not understanding,  yet somehow knowing was truth, is being reconfirmed and now understood first hand through the information and exercises I am studying and participating  in. I am so happy to recommend this Master Key Experience to everyone. To be or not to be that is the question. I now have the tools knowledge and  am developing the skills and mastermind alliances to go either way at will and it feels terrific! I would be absolutely thrilled to be of any assistance to anyone with any questions. Everybody should know this stuff! Please read some of the other blogs in my sidebar menu .  MKMMA There’s nothing like it!#  Sincerely, Ross Thomas


  1. Awesome, spot on. You know and tomorrow you will know even more and next year you will know so much more! I love this class. Things have been growing for me in last couple of weeks like crazy. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Wonderful blog. Your explanation is truly inspiring making it so understandable. Thank you.

    • thank you so much Carole I reread it after I sent it and wondered about a few places that may could have used some clarification, but hey this is a great learning process I will be sure and check yours out too thanks again

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