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Stop Autointoxication!Wk 22


Is your world less than perfect in any way? We know there are all sorts of toxins coming at us from our outside environment that can and do effect our health and well being, but how many of us know much about Autointoxication! Thats a new word for me! How about you? Siri said ” poisoned by a toxin formed within the body itself” Let  us ask ourselves, do we ideally want to enjoy incredibly good health? Dugh, I Do, everybody does! Gee wiz how many ways could we possibly be being poisoned? In this course of study  I am engaged in “The Master Key Mastermind Alliance” I am discovering all sorts of vitally important things I hadn’t considered  about what effects our health. Poisoning, not a lovely thought, I can’t think of any poisoning that has any kind of good effect no  matter where it came from, but poison formed within my own body, how does that happen? I am so excited and am now believing, with some specialized knowledge, raised awareness of and focused consideration given to this subject we can eliminate and avoid all sorts of this poisoning through simple applications of this special knowledge. Most people will say they would avoid poisoning or being poisoned if they knew what was poison and where it was, Yes? I am convinced most if not all of anyones less than perfect condition is because we don’t realize all that is poison to us, and if we don’t know about it we live with it till we die! I am in week 22 of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  Every week i keep getting wonderful insights  and new knowledge as to our own ability to adjust ourselves and remedy nearly any less than desirable condition in our lives! It is wonderful!  I suggest you read some of the other blogs my sidebar menu, I didn’t give much away as to the poison from within, I bet if you read some of the others blogs you’ll discover what you want to know? Id’e be happy to explain it to you personally if you want me to just ask, Peace out! Ross


  1. I love it! Happy to be taking the journey with such wonderful souls including you!

  2. The MKMMA course is beyond what I ever have encountered or expected by a country mile. So glad to be in it and so glad you are too and getting so much out of it. All the best Rosco. We are in the home stretch and have direction for the future!!


    • I&1;8#72ve been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love your Day 35 – CrossFit » Ruben Rodriguez site. Thank you, I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your web site?

    • Hi Laura! here we go! I’m here at BEing the only me there is! GIVEing what I get. and DOing that All the time☺️And wanting to be more give more and do more! Hope to here from you often. If there is anything I can be give or do for you let me know

  3. Ok well I suppose snake poison can be useful at times. But venom within can be risky business

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