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News Flash! We are Instrumentality!


This is all on the subject of understanding why we are the way we are and how to become better!This is what I am getting from week 18 of the Master Key System! Here Is what I found as the definition for instrumentality; A thing that serves as an instrument or means to an end. OMG! Where is he going with this you may be saying. Here I Go! Much has been learned by many, but many have no clue of natural unchanging laws constantly at work in and around us that have manifested every single condition and result or end we see in all our lives. For all our lives how ever long that may be, we as individuals have been gathering input form everywhere in our minds. We’ve seen, heard,learned, experienced, formulated, linked, felt, tasted, touched, discovered, through trial and error and more and here we are today as we are. Why? How? My mind amazing as it is really did not come with a detailed operation manuel on every thing involved in how everything works together nor did my loving parents,or theirs and on back it goes,as with all of us. Don’t get me wrong the knowledge that has been out in books like the Bible for thousands of years and the principles taught in those books are right on. How ever until the last 100 years, few have there been with the understanding, insight and depth of knowledge to even recognize natural laws at work, causing us to be the way we are, let alone the correlation and connection to our thoughts and actions   and actually collectively the thoughts and actions of us all. Just the other day I watched a documentary that would have been impossible to believe for many had we been back in the 70’s, but considering all that has developed since then, I have become so excited and thrilled to be a part of learning all about and spreading these “MIND BLOWING”discoveries to anyone who will have an open mind. The Documentary is “I AM by Tom Shadyac”, and will tell you in a most easy to understand, whats wrong with this world, we are all connected closer than you think and for most of us our ways of thinking are bass ackwards! The important take a way here is I am most encouraged for not only myself but especially anyone wanting a happier more purposeful life to open your mind to some scientific proofs. Just become aware, gain understanding through new knowledge,to give us all a new and greater hope for our nows and our futures. The kind of understanding that is happening in me is the kind that is teaching me in a systematic progression to think more deeply , to pay attention, to look at things and see things in new and better ways and is moving me into action and growth and more action and more growth,(I AM ALIVE!)and is teaching me hands on to give away that which I desire. I desire for my life to have greater Joy, meaning and purpose, to be happy and in fantastic health. So I hope some how I send some of that your way from me to you,so as my great Pop used to say “free no charge!” I so hope you are encouraged to read some of the other peoples blogs on my sidebar menu and for sure watch I Am! Peace out till next week, Ross


  1. Wow, Ross. You do amaze me in so many ways!

  2. Great post! I loved and was impacted greatly by the message in “I AM” as well.

  3. And do you know what’s right with the world? You are!!! Thanks for your wonderful post.

  4. And do you know what’s right with world? You are!!! Thanks for your wonderful post.

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