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Mkmma week 5 scroll 1my friend!


I have learned to love scroll 1 in the greatest salesman in the world It has helped me to be well on my way to becoming  the man I have always dreamed of becoming! For one a reader! It’s kind of funny in the past i usually only read about things i wanted to know about and then usually only once. Novels, I have probably  read some I had to in school that have been long forgotten . But to read and re read every day the same thing over and over again several times a day for 30 days! And then once a day out loud! I am beginning to understand first hand there is really something incredible happening here inside my head that is awakening. It seems to be lifting a fog that has been puzzling me for quite some time. Becoming  acutely aware by my repeated reading of how every human lives there lives  basically as slaves to the habits they develop over years and years has helped me see myself from a very intimate observers point of view. Also the content of the material I have been reading, as if as if I actually am the essence of the person described, is of very desirable character. I am quite sure what I am experiencing inside my head as well as my entire being is the most fascinating, interesting and exciting thing I have ever experienced! If you are in this master key mastermind alliance you may know what i am talking about . If not and you are curious and want to hear more from others click the side bar names on this page. best wishes to you this holiday season and beyond! Ross Thomas


  1. Hi Ross! I just read your post for Week 5. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Just want to encourage you to keep going on your journey. It is a journey that may take some time, but just hang in there and things will start to fall in place for you. Be Blessed!

  2. Ross, sounds like a lot of awareness is taking place. I agree reading something for 30 days is a lot, but I actually find myself going back and skimming through the chapter every now and then, kind of missing it.

  3. Hi Ross. Awesome article. This MKMMA is life changing really. I applaud your tenacity and willingness to keep at it and SHARE your learnings. Blessings. Laura

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