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MK WK 12 New brain cells!


I have learned a few things lately, about the brain and brain cells.God knows I have destroyed a few,,, Million! What an incredible marvelous mechanism though! Over the past several year now I have been experiencing first hand, thoughts of why am I not here, or there, and wondered why have I not felt I had arrived anywhere in particular I really felt on top of the world about? I tried to think, surely I had once imagined arriving somewhere really cool in years past. Not that I have felt my life as a whole was lousy, or I hadn’t accomplished anything or done good here and there, because I have. Im talking about the degree of success that some people gain because they have a cause or a purpose,that creates a driving force inside him, that causes excitement and passion from within, that energizes and moves them to be an do what many consider to be above and beyond and why does it seem to come to some so easy and not to me? I have alway believed there is an original creator and still do, and that he has all the answers and still think that too, and that they are in the BIBLE and i get allot of that but,I have  recently discovered some scientific laws that HE created, and explanations  and exercises that confer the how and why in terms that help me understand. Getting to The  brain cells.  I have learned we are made in such a way that we more or less get programed and are susceptible to information and experiences presented to us repeatedly, and they make us who we become. The brain cells we have were made by the information we become familiar with and they get linked together with emotions and experiences. Well in todays world, even way back was messed up, there is so  much coming at us from every angle designed to steer us in a certain way, how to think how to be what to do what to eat, using all the emotions to make the all mighty $$$. what I am beginning to comprehend is unless we are very familiar with how our brain and thought processes work, or have the perfect environment where we get the right input all the time, chances are we’ll have some habits  and ways of being that deep down we want to not have but do, and can’t seem to shake. After all that what i am trying to say is, people who consciously become aware and familiar with how our brains and thought processes work and the methods to make them work for us, these people, with, practice and proper thinking and application, are producing with ease any kind of lifestyle that a person could want or think of in a relatively short period of time. I  have now been a student and participant along with several hundred others in what is called ” The Master Key Experience ” for 12 weeks now and we are all blogging openly our experience as it unfolds. I can honestly say I have not been more excited in the positive progress and changes of habit going on in me ever! It has also been such an inspiration to connect with the other students and discuss and help encourage one another toward the lives and purpose for our lives that we truly desire, I have learned and received so much joy from reading there blogs. I have not ever been much of a reader until now! I am having so much fun learning and growing my brain its freaky , in a wonderful way.  I could just go on and on I promise but I’ll quit for now. everyone knows there is power in saying affirmations out loud because our sub conscious mind has no defense against our voice, that’s a whole other story, so I will leave you with the best one I have EVER heard ! Say it with emotion! I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving , Harmonious, and Happy! Read some of the other blogs I follow on my sidebar they are awesome! Ross


  1. Great blog post this week. Haven’t we all killed a few million brain cells?! If only we had known sooner…

  2. You got it this is the key I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving , Harmonious, and Happy! When we get it we are it..!

  3. Thanks for your post! Glad to hear you’re loving the learning and that it’s fun. Here is to living with more ease!

  4. Great information…you’ve come a long way…thanks for sharing Ross. Looking forward to reading your next post.

  5. Ross, great post, full of realizations. Isn’t it fun to grow and change in a wonderful way and do it with some many wonderful people.

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