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Letting the old I’s fly and the new I in


Here it is week 11! OMG! Where have i been? I was drug off by aliens! NOT! I was drug off by my old self! I am so praying it doesn’t happen again! I have had a tendency to isolate myself and not seek help. Pride perhaps, selfishness, the old why do i do what i don’t want to do! HABIT!  I have sure learned that it is absolutely true that what we focus on grows and what we don’t  starts to fade away. When we don’t focus on much of anything, DEFAULT! Not the right direction either. I at this moment am again filled again with the joy my soul craves, for I have turned once again toward the I and the me that is whole, perfect , strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy! I admit I have not worked hard at all to connect well thus far with anyone in the alliance areas and i know i have only my old self to blame.  I do even know there are people out there that some how I am supposed to be helping become the person they desire to become. I truly want to! Who ever you are will you please forgive me. I am and will be looking for you. So many I’s forgive that too. It has been a challenge to put it mildly to put all of the pieces of what I am supposed to be doing together in my head . I had been running on auto pilot for so long and not doing much focusing on anything new I think my subby wanted to keep it that way. I had it so easy! Thanks to this coarse and what i HAVE done so far i believe i have made some new sinaptic connections in my mechanism but still have  wrongly isolated myself. Right here and now I declare I am reaching out and trusting Awesome goodness will become of it!  I am so looking forward to being an active and helpful part your team. Together Everyone Achieves More ! Sincerely, Ross Thomas



  1. Sounds like you are well on your way to living a life of INTENTION, Ross. FANTASTIC!

  2. I suffer from the same isolation issue (habit, blueprint). I believe we will change through this process. Keep the faith my brother!

  3. Keep working and be what you will to be.

  4. So happy you realized what was happening and decided to get hold of yourself and get back in the game with the MKMMA group. We all have struggles and this is where the Alliances can help us. Be blessed with your continuation of your MKMMA journey.

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