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It is true! The Power of our minds is the greatest and most vital power each of us has! I will be studying this Master Key Master Mind Alliance course of study the rest of my life! Truth! Developing our minds is everything!  If I could do anything in this life to make this world a better place for you and for me, it would be to shout so persistently long and loud,that everything each one of us has in our life, every experience we have or have ever had is not at all some haphazard adventure, but all part of a precise equation and accumulation of thoughts and  our lack of understanding of how our minds work on matter is the  cause of every unsatisfactory thing in our life. Each one of us has the ability, with the correct knowledge,and correct exercise,with practice to become GENIUSES! If thats too much for you right now think of it in comparison to where you are right now.Think of it in compared to how much has changed over the last 50 years in our inventions! Think of the wonders of the next 50! The absolute best place to discover for us all is the awesome power we each have in our mind! Collectively as well as individually . Think for even a minute, with the current and rapidly expanding information available try to realize the day is here when modes of thought and action must be adjusted! (learn all you can, it’s so exciting!) Discover and know, “Silent thought is after all, the mightiest agent in human affairs!” Channing   I am just now coming to understand for myself with great hope excitement and energy, what I and all of us are capable of with new and directed knowledge and action. I so encourage everyone who reads this to look into this master key experience of which I am participating in. Though my explaining is green now i am sure I am getting better, but please read some of the other posts from my sidebar menu on the right of this page. I hope it awakens new and greater hope in you! Peace out for now, Ross


  1. Wonderfulet post:-) as we practice practice practice. We let the genius out.

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